Look Forward To Dramatic Smile Changes From Your Veneers

Many different problems can affect a person’s smile. Some people start to see gradual changes in their appearance that make them unhappy. Others can feel frustrated with naturally occurring problems that have long impacted their appearance. While the reasons for smile dissatisfaction can vary, cosmetic dental work can provide improvements for many people – you might be surprised at how much good a single procedure can do for you. Your McKinney, TX dentist can use veneers to improve your appearance, as they can effectively address many different problems. You should note that veneers are permanently placed, and are intended to serve as a lasting solution to your smile concerns.  (more…)

Check Out McKinney’s Krewe Of Barkus Canine Parade!

On Sunday, March 3, the city of McKinney will host its own spin on a classic New Orleans tradition! This day will see the city host its seventeenth annual Krewe Of Barkus canine parade! In past events, the parade welcomed as many as 250 dogs and their owners to join in the fun with colorful costumes and parade fun. You can join other McKinney families to watch this year’s participants pass through Mitchell Park, and take part in a number of related activities during this special gathering. If you have a pet, you know how important it is to keep them in good health. Of course, you should also be paying attention to your own health, including the health of your smile. Your McKinney, TX dentist is ready to see you for your next dental checkup! (more…)

Scheduling A Root Canal To Address A Serious Cavity

There is no “right” kind of cavity to have, but it is understandable that patients prefer smaller cavities to larger ones. As decay continues to spread, you can eventually suffer complications because of an internal tooth infection, which involves bacterial infiltration of your pulp. Your McKinney, TX dentist can help you address this by performing a root canal treatment to remove your infection. At the end of the procedure, you can also look forward to support in the form of a dental crown, which gives sustained protection to your tooth. (more…)

Take Part In McKinney’s Trout Derby Feb 23!

On Saturday, February 23, you and your family can enjoy a great day on the lake during the Trout Derby! On this special occasion, Towne Lake will be loaded up with trout, and you can enjoy prizes, special treats, and more throughout the day. Kids are welcome to fish at no cost! Family-friendly outings create opportunities for you to go out and enjoy shared experiences with your loved ones. Your McKinney, TX dentist wants you to remember that you are welcome schedule regular dental exams for yourself, and arrange quality pediatric dental care for your kids! We are proud to make expert care available to patients of all ages. (more…)

Make Sure Your Kids Are Properly Caring For Their Teeth

When they are old enough, your child will be responsible for brushing and flossing their teeth, meaning you need to trust them to effectively defend themselves against cavities and gum disease. With that said, you should not feel like you have no power to help them. You can make sure kids understand the importance of a healthy smile by bringing them in for pediatric dental care. Your McKinney, TX dentist can meet with your child once their first tooth arrives, and start performing regular dental exams by the time they turn three. These visits can be instructive, and help them avoid dental troubles. (more…)

Providing Protection For Your Tooth After Dental Trouble

If you want to put a stop to a cavity, you need to seek professional dental care. Until you do, the decay affecting your dental structure will continue to spread, and do more harm. You can count on restorative dental work from your McKinney, TX dentist to address the problem, and properly support your tooth. When providing the appropriate restoration, your dentist considers the restoration’s effect on your appearance, and its ability to properly protect your tooth against further trouble. In addition to helping address a cavity, a restoration can support a tooth damaged in an injury. (more…)

Fighting Teeth Stains That Have Accumulated Over Time

It can be difficult to see incremental smile changes, particularly those changes that affect the color of your teeth. For many people, a gradual buildup of stains can go unnoticed until the difference between the smile they see in the mirror, and they smile they expect, becomes drastic. What can you do if you find yourself affected by visible teeth stains, or an overall dulled smile? Your McKinney, TX dentist can help you make improvements with a professional whitening procedure. There are two different approaches you can take – you can go home with a custom whitening kit, or you can arrange an appointment at the office. The result of either can be a dramatically whiter smile, one that no longer shows signs of discoloration. (more…)

Can An Untreated Cavity Really Cost Me My Tooth?

What kind of concern should you feel over an advanced cavity? When decay reaches the inner chamber of your tooth (its pulp), you can start to feel unpleasant effects like pain or sensitivity. The discomfort around this may be enough to send you straight to the dentist’s chair. However, if you try to ignore the matter, you should know that you are putting yourself at risk for further problems. Your tooth can be damaged too badly to be saved, and the bacteria causing problems can spread beyond your tooth. Your McKinney, TX dentist’s office can provide you with care for advanced tooth decay, and protect your smile before these complications affect you. (more…)

Start Correcting Your Crooked Teeth With Invisalign

Problems with dental alignment can make you self-conscious about your appearance, and reluctant to show off your smile. If you want to do something about crooked teeth, but hesitate to look into treatment because you are uncomfortable at the thought of traditional orthodontic treatment, talk to your McKinney, TX dentist about Invisalign. Using Invisalign frees you from having to rely on a fixed appliance that you are unable to remove. With Invisalign, you can take your aligners out when you eat, or when you clean your teeth. Of course, you also have the benefit of wearing your appliance discreetly, as their design can make it remarkably hard for anyone to detect them. (more…)

A Stable Prosthetic Can Offer Comfort, And Better Function

Biting and chewing put serious pressure on your teeth. If you have suffered tooth loss, you may realize how much your ability to practice basic dental functions can depend on having your complete smile. Teeth next to a gap can feel less stable, and you can feel less confident in what you can eat because of your compromised function. Fortunately, you can count on a dental implant-supported restoration to improve on your capacity to bite and chew. Implants take on an important function – they effectively act like artificial roots for replacement teeth. Their stabilizing presence can make them more comfortable, and more beneficial. Your McKinney, TX dentist can talk with you about using implants to address tooth loss, and what to expect from the process of having them placed. (more…)