How Does A Root Canal Procedure Stop A Tooth Problem?

Root canal procedures have an important role to play in restoring a tooth affected by an advanced cavity, or one affected by a significant injury. This restorative dental treatment is responsible for addressing internal infections and trauma. If you have a cavity that has grown serious enough for bacteria to enter your pulp, or if your tooth’s inner chamber is exposed by harm, our McKinney, TX dental office can make sure the matter is effectively addressed. When providing this and any other dental service, patient comfort is a priority. We also take care to restore teeth after this procedure so that you feel confident in your ability to bite and chew, while also feeling confident in your appearance. (more…)

Dissatisfied By Your Smile? Explore The Benefits Of Veneers

If you are unaware of your options for cosmetic dental treatment, or feel that meaningful improvements are out of reach, you may feel trapped by your current smile. Cosmetic dentistry can be more beneficial than you realize, and you can actually see remarkable changes with minimal work on your tooth structure. At our McKinney, TX dental office, we have helped many patients see major smile improvements through the placement of custom porcelain veneers. Veneers occupy a limited amount of space, and are capable of fixing multiple problems. Thanks to this approach to smile improvement, you can reach your goals for your appearance with a single procedure! (more…)

Preventing Oral Health Trouble Around Halloween

You should be putting in effort to protect your teeth and gums from oral health trouble every day. A consistent brushing and flossing routine and smart diet choices have yearlong benefits, but the habits you have formed can be especially important when Halloween approaches. After all, this is a holiday that is closely linked to candy, which can spell trouble for your teeth. Our McKinney, TX dental practice understands that some people have a hard time resisting sweets, but we want to make the risk they pose as clear as possible. We can provide tips to help you prevent oral health problems from affecting your smile, and we can help protect kids’ smiles from decay as well. (more…)

What Questions Do You Have About Modern Cavity Treatment?

If you stay committed to smart oral care on a daily basis, and stay current with your regular dental exams, you can keep your smile free of troubling decay. If you do find yourself in need of treatment for a cavity, our McKinney, TX dental practice can resolve the problem through treatment that can protect your vulnerable tooth, and preserve the look of your smile. We rely on modern restorations to match the look of your dental enamel, and support your damaged tooth structure after a cavity. We can also make restorative treatment easier by offering dental sedation, which can help you remain relaxed while you have necessary work completed. (more…)

How Many Dental Checkups Should I Have In A Year?

Every time you receive preventive care during a routine dental checkup, you receive valuable feedback about the state of your smile. You also enjoy a thorough cleaning that can help ensure that you stay free of oral health concerns before your next appointment. Unless told otherwise by your dentist, you should make a point of attending regular dental exams on a semiannual schedule. At our McKinney, TX dental office, we can help ensure that you are receiving fantastic care every time you make an appointment. We are offer a range of modern dental services if you have any oral health issues that are identified in the course of a checkup. (more…)

Are You Having A Hard Time Making Your Smile Whiter?

Even though you are effectively preventing cavities, you seem to be unable to remove the stains that have developed on your enamel. Your attempts to remove them with store bought whitening agents and whitening toothpastes have led to limited results, and you still feel that your smile appears dull or unhealthy. Is it time to give up hope that you can show off a set of bright, white teeth? At our McKinney, TX dental office, we can talk to you about the benefits of a professional whitening treatment. With the potent bleaching agents provided at our office, we can safely and effectively address stains that have persisted on your teeth. The result can provide you with a stunning smile that you are eager to start showing off as often as possible! (more…)

Feeling Nervous About Dental Work? We Can Help!

Sometimes, a busy or unpredictable schedule can keep us from taking care of important matters. For matters that affect a person’s oral health, feelings of unease can become as difficult to navigate as scheduling conflicts. The problem with delaying restorative dental work is that your tooth’s condition can grow worse as time passes, which can lead to more involved treatment. At our McKinney, TX dental office, we maintain a welcoming, friendly space for our patients, and go out of our way to make everyone feel at ease. For people who wrestle with anxiety about dental care, we do offer dental sedation to help with this issue. (more…)

Arrange A Dental Appointment To Discuss Gingivitis

If you want to keep your smile in the best possible condition, you need to recognize that cavities are not the only threat to your oral health worth worrying about. If you develop a problem with gingivitis, and leave the matter unaddressed, an infection can become a big concern! People who have issues with unchecked gum disease can face a heightened risk for tooth loss – in fact, periodontal problems are the leading cause of tooth loss in adults! You will also have to worry about issues for your general health, including a higher risk for heart disease. At our McKinney, TX dental office, we can provide a special periodontal cleaning to address gingivitis before the problem worsens. (more…)

Correcting Smile Flaws Through Bonding And Contouring

A bright and confident smile can make a great first impression on people. Unfortunately, a relatively minor dental flaw can have a significant effect on the way you look, and your willingness to show off your smile in social settings. While this can certainly lead to frustration, you should know that problems with the shape, size, or color of a tooth can be addressed through modern cosmetic dental work. At our McKinney, TX dental practice, we can provide great changes to your appearance with a bonding and contouring procedure. In addition to providing quality smile corrections, this work can produce results in less time than you might expect – your work could be completed in as little as one appointment! (more…)

Crafting The Right Dental Crown For Your Tooth

Because people can have different experiences with oral health trouble, there is not a single approach for all matters that require restorative dental work. Dental crowns are often used in situations where a person’s tooth needs considerable support. At our McKinney, TX dental practice, we provide custom crowns for our patients, and we can have these restorations crafted with different material types. When durability and strength are particularly important, we can offer metal crowns. If you need work done on a tooth that is more visible when you smile, we can arrange to place a crown made with porcelain or zirconia in order to preserve the way you look. (more…)