Correcting Smile Flaws Through Bonding And Contouring

A bright and confident smile can make a great first impression on people. Unfortunately, a relatively minor dental flaw can have a significant effect on the way you look, and your willingness to show off your smile in social settings. While this can certainly lead to frustration, you should know that problems with the shape, size, or color of a tooth can be addressed through modern cosmetic dental work. At our McKinney, TX dental practice, we can provide great changes to your appearance with a bonding and contouring procedure. In addition to providing quality smile corrections, this work can produce results in less time than you might expect – your work could be completed in as little as one appointment! (more…)

Crafting The Right Dental Crown For Your Tooth

Because people can have different experiences with oral health trouble, there is not a single approach for all matters that require restorative dental work. Dental crowns are often used in situations where a person’s tooth needs considerable support. At our McKinney, TX dental practice, we provide custom crowns for our patients, and we can have these restorations crafted with different material types. When durability and strength are particularly important, we can offer metal crowns. If you need work done on a tooth that is more visible when you smile, we can arrange to place a crown made with porcelain or zirconia in order to preserve the way you look. (more…)

Why Are Tooth-Colored Fillings So Common?

If you asked everyone you know about their history of dental treatment, you may find that dental fillings are the most commonly performed dental restoration. That’s due to many reasons, including the fact that tooth decay is the most frequently occurring dental health concern. At our McKinney, TX, dental office, we use tooth-colored composite resin to create fillings that allow us to treat tooth decay and cavities with optimal discretion. With their more lifelike appearance and biocompatible nature, tooth-colored fillings are becoming increasingly more common than ever for treating mild to moderate cavities. (more…)

Using Fluoride Treatments To Keep Vulnerable Teeth Healthy

You should make an effort to take care of your teeth each day by brushing them at least twice, and flossing at least once. With that said, for some patients, preventing cavities can be difficult even if they stay consistent about their oral health care regimen. One person’s natural ability to avoid tooth decay can be different from someone else’s. If your smile is more vulnerable to problems, even with a good oral care routine, talk to our McKinney, TX dental practice about treatments with fluoride. Fluoride helps your enamel recover from decay before a cavity forms, so you are less likely to need restorative dental work to address decay. (more…)

Our Practice Can Treat A Dental Problem Causing You Pain

Living with dental pain is hardly ideal, especially when you consider that a problem causing discomfort can continue to worsen without treatment! Unfortunately, individuals will sometimes choose to disregard the unpleasant feeling of a toothache, or try to ignore the discomfort they feel in their face and jaw. Our McKinney, TX dental practice is ready to help you determine why you have issues with pain, and we can provide restorative dental work that puts a stop to your troubles. If you have a toothache, it could be due to a cavity that is spreading, and causing internal problems. Discomfort in your jaw can be a consequence of TMJ dysfunction, which can also cause you to have headaches, and painful or limited jaw movement. (more…)

How Much Work Will It Take To Fully Address Your Cavity?

When it comes to solving a problem, it seems unlikely that you would be happy with part of a solution. If you have an issue with tooth decay that calls for restorative dental treatment, it is important to have the problem addressed completely. That means fully removing an infection, and damaged material. It also means taking care to restore your tooth, so that it remains healthy, and stable enough to support biting and chewing pressure. At our McKinney, TX dental office, we can provide you with effective care to make sure your cavity is fully treated. We can also make sure you have no issues with internal tooth problems because of decay, and help you manage any anxieties around treatment with appropriate dental sedation. (more…)

Can Your Caffeine Habit Affect Your Smile?

You can count on coffee to push you out the front door on a typical morning, enjoy a tasty flavored coffee beverage when you are out running errands, or order a fizzy soft drink with a meal. What you may not realize is that your favorite caffeinated drinks might be affecting your oral health. When it comes to flavored coffee drinks and soft drinks, high quantities of sugar can lead to problems with tooth decay. Drinking unsweetened coffee can still affect your enamel because of the beverage’s acidity. The problem with caffeinated drinks is about more than just your oral health – you can also accumulate teeth stains. Our McKinney, TX dental practice is ready to help you deal with the effects of caffeine, and provide ongoing smile protection during routine dental exams. (more…)

Can Teeth Whitening Agents Help Improve Your Smile?

The right solution to dental discoloration must be to use a teeth whitening treatment…right? For people who have discoloration caused by teeth stains, this can certainly be an effective approach. However, you should note that using store bought whitening agents can lead to limited improvements. If you want to see dramatic changes, you can be better served by using a professional whitening treatment instead. At our McKinney, TX dental office, we can offer a professional-strength whitening kit that you can take home, as well as the option to have your teeth whitened during one office visit! We can also talk to you about taking a different approach to your smile issues if your smile is affected by something other than enamel stains. (more…)

These Tips Can Help You Avoid Problems Like Tooth Decay

There is more to a healthy smile than just a lack of cavities. With that said, tooth decay is a serious issue, and protecting yourself against this particular problem can be vital to your overall goal of maintaining good oral health. If you want to put up a truly effective fight against cavities, look at oral care as a combination of smart daily care, and access to the right professional support. At our McKinney, TX dental practice, we can offer important services during your routine dental exams. In between these visits, put in serious efforts to clean your teeth, and make sure your diet is not putting your teeth in jeopardy! (more…)

Should I Tell My Dentist About My Snoring Problem?

Talking about snoring may make you embarrassed, but bringing up the problem with your dentist can be beneficial. Your troubles with snoring may be more serious than you realize, as this issue may be related to untreated sleep apnea. When a person experiences sleep apnea, they struggle to breathe throughout the night, and are not able to gain truly restful sleep. Over time, you can struggle to feel alert during the day, and you can have more difficulty managing your overall health. By mentioning your snoring concerns during a checkup at our McKinney, TX dental practice, we can discuss sleep apnea with you, and recommend treatment. (more…)