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For a limited time, we’re offering $1,000 off the full price of clear aligners to the first 10 patients who qualify for this offer.

The details:

  • We want 10 patients to be before and after models for patient education purposes. The photos will be teeth-only, and your personal information will not be shared.
  • Clear aligners are perfect for patients who have had braces in the past, but now have some crowded or minor misalignments.
  • This offer includes free in-office teeth whitening and retainers to keep your smile looking its best after treatment.

Your smile could look like this!

Here’s what you need to do:

Fill out the form below so we can set up a complimentary consultation appointment to determine if clear aligners are a good fit for your unique health needs and smile goals. If you are, we will complete any necessary x-rays, digital impressions, and pre-treatment photos at this appointment.

If selected, all treatment will start within one month of your initial consultation, and a deposit is necessary to start treatment.

Don’t wait and miss this opportunity! Fill out the form below to get started.

Clear Aligners

Limited-Time Offer

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